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Veggie Toolkit End of Sales and Support

Sony Vegas Pro 13 has changed to require .Net 4.0 for extensions and is therefore not backwards compatitible with my .Net 3.5 extensions. Due to business reasons we have no plans to upgrade Veggie Toolkit to .Net 4.0 at this point. It also appears that installing Sony Vegas Pro 13 will break the Veggie Toolkit under Vegas 12. Therefore, Vegas Pro 12 will be the last version of Vegas Pro that is supported by the Veggie Toolkit. We wish to thank you for your support over the life of this product. Information about the product will be left here to answer questions and if you need help with the toolkit for Vegas Pro 8-12 feel free to contact me.

Veggie Toolkit 3.0

Available as a suite of custom command extensions to the Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 through 12.0 products, the Veggie Toolkit 3.0 features MultiRender, the most extensive and flexible batch rendering tool available. Render as many jobs as you want without intervention and add leaders, trailers, overlays, effects, or run custom automation scripts automatically prior to rendering. Other tools include media logging, fast and slow motion effects, and fast and automatic reconnect of media files when their location has changed.

Version 3.0 has been redesigned to take advantage of the significant scripting API advances in Vegas Pro 8.0 and later.


MultiRender Screen
  • Custom automation prior to rendering via script plugins
  • Unlimited number of leaders, trailers, and overlays
  • Monitor folders for files to add as jobs
  • Search multiple folders for projects or media files (via wildcards)
  • Batch conversion of media files
  • Save and restore settings via presets
  • Use any marker type as the selection to render
  • Select multiple selections in a project
  • Select multiple render templates per source
  • Render fixed length segments for web delivery
  • Add master video or audio effects at render time
  • Substitution patterns for naming output files from source file or region information
  • Option to skip rendering if output file is newer than project file - great for long form projects
  • Verify the availability of media for jobs in the queue prior to starting an overnight render
  • Render history with status and elapsed render time
  • Delay rendering until a specified date/time
  • Optional automatic replacement of offline media files by searching available drives
  • Drag and drop support for editing or restoring jobs to the queue, and rearranging jobs and columns
  • Import/Export of presets including merging presets
  • Add jobs to queue while rendering is in progress
  • Options window for customization
  • Network rendering is not supported since it is not available via scripting

Offline Media Resolver

  • Replaces the Vegas offline media dialog via a View window
  • Search one or more drives for replacements of offline media without prompting
  • Automatic replacement option
  • Changes can be undone
  • Verify or change replacement files before making changes to project
  • Option to remove and not replace unused media
  • Efficient search algorithm checks most likely locations before searching entire drive

Media Logger

  • Create new clip logs without having to import from a text file
  • Import clip logs for capture by Vegas Capture
  • Import existing media to create a rough storyboard timeline
  • Optional creation of timeline events for imported media
  • Export of media pool includes all Vegas info except capture info
  • Export media pool from multiple projects to get a consolidated use list of media
  • Optionally specify the amount of time to capture before and after a clip
  • Open and Save media list in Xml as well as Text formats
  • Tools to manipulate the current project's media pool

Time Bandit

  • Timecode Picker control allows mouse scrubbing of the control label to change the end time
  • Speed up video beyond the 12x max of Vegas, without multiple renders, to create amazing fast motion effects
  • Speed up or slow down multiple video and/or audio events by selecting the time range and a new end time
  • Use markers, regions, current selection, etc. to define the starting time range
  • Preserves velocity key frame relationships when adjusting speed

Capture Cutter

  • Convert long tape captures into smaller, more manageable clips
  • Optionally updates the Vegas Capture database for later recapture of the smaller clip


  • Sizable docking windows and toolbars
  • Automatic update checking
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